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55-year-old Ellen Calhoun of Mentor said she wants to be more healthy to better enjoy her time with her grandchildren. The Mentor resident and her fellow-contestant husband Rick say they'll get active and cut out junk food at home.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday 5/10

Well its Thursday 11:00 p.m. I just got home from bible study a few minutes ago. This week has been pretty good. I find the hardest times I have is at night. I just seem to be so hungry. That when I want the chips so usually I just go to bed to keep from eating. Like tonight I came home and I packed my husband lunch for work and I am so hungry. I just want somet hing crunchy. My husband tells me to go eat some vegetables I am getting sick of vegetables I feel like I am going to turn into a vegetable. So to keep from eating I decided to go and blog and take my frustration out on the computer. But I am going to bed cause I have to get up early so good night everyone and have great weekend.


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