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55-year-old Ellen Calhoun of Mentor said she wants to be more healthy to better enjoy her time with her grandchildren. The Mentor resident and her fellow-contestant husband Rick say they'll get active and cut out junk food at home.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ending Chapter

Sorry I have not been blogging but it just seem like I had no time to myself. Well this is the last week for our contest and it was really great. We meant alot of nice people and it was nice to see them at every weigh in. You know when  my      husband told me he sign us up for this program I was like why would you   do that. Why do you want to embarrse yourself like that. But I am so happy he did so far i have lost a total of 28lbs and would not have done so if he did not enter us in this contest. So I am really thankful to him for doing this because I feel so much better and like having the extra weight off. And I am thankful for the lighten up contest if it wasnt for you  my husband would never enter us and I would have never lost this weight. And my husband is looking  pretty  sexy now.


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